It's a competitive job market for paralegals.  Paralegals who want to stay relevant in their field must continually educate themselves.  But it's hard to think about finding the time to take a course or attend an event when you have no free time.

Your time is valuable.  Don't spend it sitting through boring attorney CLEs that are not relevant to paralegals.

Are you tired of attending live webinars that are hosted by vendors who spend half the time telling you about how great they are?  We were too!

With the Paralegal Boot Camp's online courses, you can access engaging content on your schedule from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

  • Got a long commute?  Listen to a course on your morning commute and show up at work with a new skill.
  • Got a short lunch break?  Jump into a course from your mobile phone while you sit outside.
  • Got CLE requirements to meet in a hurry?  We've got you covered.

Featured Course!

Course Creator Boot Camp

Do you want to learn how to create courses that you can sell online? You'd be surprised how easy it is! You can share your knowledge with other paralegals and make some extra income on the side. We'll show you every step of the way from the course name all the way through how to distribute it online.

Managers & Administrators

You can bring any of our courses in-house as part of your paralegal training program.