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    Our Litigation Resource Notebook gives you the forms and templates to download and use on your litigation cases.

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Do you wish

you could read your attorney's mind?

As a litigation paralegal, does it sometimes feel as if you need to become a mind reader in order to stay ahead of those last-minute requests?

If only they would tell you what's going on in your cases when they actually learn about it rather than right before it's due. We can hear the laughter out loud from here! 

Instead of (wasting your time) trying to change that procrastinator, what if you could do something differently?

The Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp will show you how to proactively move your cases forward without having to wait for those last-minute requests.  We don't teach you how to read your attorney's mind.  Instead, we give you the tools to master the discovery phase of your litigation cases.

What are some of the typical litigation paralegal duties when working in a defense firm?

  • Drafting discovery requests and responses
  • Tracking discovery requests and responses
  • Managing all of the information produced by all of the parties throughout the discovery period
  • Preparing for depositions
  • Reviewing client documents for responsiveness and privilege

Most paralegal certificate programs don't have the time to teach you the things that are typically part of a litigation paralegal job description.  They teach theory, terminology, the Rules of Civil Procedure and things like that.  But what about the things that a paralegal does on a daily basis?

The Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp course covers all of that and more.

Be the Indispensable Paralegal

With the skills and tools to proactively manage your litigation cases

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About the Course

5 star rating

Full of resources

Kate Kwik

This course was very informative and full of resources. It helped me fill in the gaps of my on-the-job training.

This course was very informative and full of resources. It helped me fill in the gaps of my on-the-job training.

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5 star rating


Anastasia Lohr

The Paralegal Boot Camp offers a vast amount of valuable skills and information that any paralegal should own.

The Paralegal Boot Camp offers a vast amount of valuable skills and information that any paralegal should own.

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Your Tools & Templates

Your course access includes templates and forms to download and use on your cases right away. Some of those include:

  • Master Case Book, including Key Players List, Discovery Tracking Chart and more...

  • Deposition Prep Notebook

  • Document Production Checklist and other quality control tools

Course Detail

Module 1:  Proactive Case Management

We give you one simple method that you can use on all of your litigation cases that will allow you to manage your cases proactively. After this module, you will know how to know what your attorneys need before the attorneys even know that they need it. We will give you electronic forms to get you started with proactive case management right away.

Module 2:  Drafting Discovery Requests and Responses

With the 2015 amendments to FRCP (and states that have been adopting those amendments), it is more important than ever that discovery drafting is not just "copying and pasting" the same old objections and responses. We make drafting discovery requests and responses easy with a technique that will work on all types of litigation cases. We include group exercises to show you how you will become the master of discovery drafting on your litigation team, even when you have to draft them from scratch without a form or a template!
Module 3:  An Introduction to E-discovery

All litigation paralegals, regardless of the specific practice area, should have a general understanding of e-discovery and how it fits into the discovery phase of a litigation matter. Even if you are not working with expensive e-discovery tools, you are most likely still “working with e-discovery” because there is no way around it now. Everyone in business communicates by email, which means every lawsuit will have some e-discovery component. In this session, we introduce paralegals to the basics of e-discovery, the industry models, court rules affecting electronically stored information and more.

Module 4:  Managing Document Review Projects

This module provides paralegals with the tools to conduct and manage document review projects – large and small. Paralegals are introduced to using project management principles so that documents and deadlines do not slip through the cracks during a document review. This module also shows paralegals how to identify privileged documents and draft a privilege log in conjunction with your document review project.

Module 5:  Your 3-Step Plan to Preparing for Depositions

Preparing for depositions is more than drafting the notice and the subpoena. Those are forms that you can cut and paste. Instead, we provide you with a 3-step plan to eliminate those last minute scrambles the night before a deposition. We do this with our Master Depo Prep Notebook, a depo prep checklist and show you how to use free technology to your advantage when it's time for depositions.

Litigation Paralegal Boot Camp

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Meet the Instructor

Ann Pearson

Ann Pearson is the Founder and Director of Training for the Paralegal Boot Camp®. Ann develops training for paralegals, and with a unique hands-on practical approach to provide the paralegal skills that are missing from most paralegal certificate programs. Ms. Pearson has over 25 years in the legal industry, first as a litigation paralegal and later as a paralegal manager at McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP. In her role as a paralegal manager, she managed the paralegals and case assistants in their Atlanta, New York, and San Diego offices. Ms. Pearson was able to significantly increase the profitability, skillset and retention rates (job satisfaction!) of the paralegal group through methods she now teaches in her Paralegal Boot Camp courses.