Don't let your technology skills stand in the way

Are you just getting by with the basics?

87% of U.S. companies rely on the Microsoft Office suite—yet most paralegals and legal assistants entering the workforce (and even those who have been working for many years!) are not proficient in these tools. Sure, they might be tech-savvy with mobile phones and tablets, but their skillset falls short in the software used every day in the legal industry.

Students and young professionals lack technical fluency in essential technologies like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and PDF.

Your paralegal career depends on your technology skills.

We show paralegals and legal assistants what they don’t know about the essential office technologies they’ll utilize in their daily professional lives. Then we address those key skill gaps with guided instruction on a module-based online platform.

Best of all, we allow students to work with live documents on their own computers, using their own respective versions of these software packages.

Qualified and Expert-level certifications are not only a powerful benchmark of personal progress, but they are also authoritative proof of proficiency for future law firm employers.

Who is this training for?

Legal support professionals, including paralegals, legal assistants, secretaries, and administrative staff.

What kind of technology is part of the assessment and learning modules?

  • Microsoft Word (contracts, briefs, and memos)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PDF for Legal Professionals
  • PowerPoint for Legal Professionals

Master the Technology

Assessment-Based Learning On Your Schedule

We Make it Easy For Legal Professionals

To Advance Their Technology Skills

  • Competency-Based Learning

    You don't have to waste your time on training that you don't need. The assessments allow you to focus on only the training that you need most.

  • Access for One Year

    Take the assessments and the training on your schedule. Segmented modules mean you can jump in for a quick 5-minute tutorial or a 5-hour training session.

  • Easy Access

    We make it easy for you to learn from anywhere and when it is convenient for you. The Legal Technology Assessment works on any Mac or PC.


Add value to your career

Easily share proof of your qualifications with current and future employers. The certificates are awarded to you for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF.
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